How to Select Multiple Blocks in WordPress

When WordPress first introduced the Gutenberg block editor, many users instantly switched from the classic editor. Because, let’s be real, working with individual and customizable blocks is much easier than using the old classic editor. 

But honestly, so many of us are still struggling to adjust to this. Many of us look up things like how to select multiple blocks in WordPress or other similar stuff once in a while. So, if you’re working on your site and trying to find the same answer, you’re definitely not alone. And you got it. This little how-to is going to tell you exactly how to select multiple blocks in WordPress. 

Let’s just get straight into it.

How to Select Multiple Blocks in WordPress

This can be quite helpful when working with blocks because it lets you make the same modification to multiple blocks at once rather than changing each one separately. Whether you are copying, moving, or converting blocks, selecting multiple blocks always makes the job much easier. Today I will be showing you three different ways to do that.

Shift and Click

To select multiple blocks, simply keep the ‘Shift’ key pressed and click on all the blocks you want to select, or you can just click on the first block, hold the ‘Shift’ key down, and then click on the last block. This will select all of your blocks and allow you to move or copy them. Once all the blocks are selected, they are ready to be moved or copied altogether.

Go to The Document Overview

See the ‘Document Overview’ icon on the top toolbar? Clicking it will take you to the List View. Now just like before, hold down the ‘Shift’ key and click on the blocks you want to select. 

The Mouse Dragging 

You can also try the drag selection. Just drag your mouse cursor to highlight the blocks you want to select and it will be done.

That’s it. 


See, it’s that easy. You can now easily select multiple blocks at once and do whatever you want with them. Copy, edit, move, you name it.

Hope this helped. Thank you.

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