How to Add Border Around Column in WordPress

You know how useful the columns are in WordPress if you know your way around them. You can easily sort and show a handful of data or other stuff with a simple column block. Now if you are tired of the same old plain-vanilla columns in your WordPress posts, this little how-to might be just for you.

This tutorial will show you everything about how to add border around column in WordPress and make your content pop, a little bit more. So I would like to say, hop in, please.

How to Add Border Around Column in WordPress

First things first, go to the post editor and click on the plus (+) icon. Then search for Columns block and add that to the editor.

Once the block is inserted, you will have to select a variation. Then add some content to your columns.

Now select a column and click the settings icon from the top right-hand side corner. Then click on the Styles tab and change the border pixels and width. You can change the border color as well. Plus, you can even give it a shadow of its own.

That’s pretty much it. That’s how you can add border around column in WordPress.


And there you have it. Now your columns are more than just simple frames for your content. And as you can see, it didn’t even take a whole minute to do this.

Hope this helped with whatever you were looking for. Thanks. 

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