WordPress Block Theme For
Efficient Site Building

Block Based

Completely block based. Empower your website with the power of blocks.


Very lightweight, and does an amazing job in terms of speed and performance.


The minimal design makes it insanely easy to turn it into design that fits your needs.

Beautiful Patterns, Infinite Possibilities

GroundWP comes with beautiful patterns that allows you to build infinite different layouts.
And the patterns library is continuously growing.
GroundWP will enable you to build any kind of website you want to build with WordPress blocks.

…and many more.

Built With Performance In Mind

Built with the latest web technologies, which means it’s lightning-fast.
Pages load quickly, which is great for user experience and also for SEO since page speed is a ranking factor.

GroundWP Performance

Fluid Typography

GroundWP comes with Fluid Typography built-in. Fluid typography is a responsive design approach that enables text to scale dynamically, resulting in improved legibility and readability across devices and screen sizes.

Fluid Spacing

Fluid spacing is a responsive design technique that adjusts the spacing between website elements based on screen size, creating a visually appealing and balanced layout on all devices.

Introducing a New Table Block Plugin - Tableberg
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