How to Add Subheadings in WordPress

Subheadings are like the secret sauce that adds flavor to your content. These are like the sidekicks to your main title. They break up those long paragraphs, set a hierarchy, guide your readers, and make your posts look a little bit more professional. Plus, search engines love them too, as they make it easier for them to crawl. 

Now if you are sitting there scratching your head and can’t really figure out how to add subheadings to your WordPress posts or pages, please join in. This little how-to will show you the A-Z of adding subheadings in WordPress. I’m sure by the end of this, you will be able to do it on your own.

Let’s go right in!

How to Add Subheadings in WordPress

There are actually three different ways to do this. We will start with the easiest one.

Method-1: Keyboard Shortcuts

So, for heading 1 (H1), type the hash (#) key followed by the space key, and then type your heading.

For heading 2 (H2), type two hashes (##) followed by the space key.

And for heading 3 (H3), type three hashes (###) followed by the space key.


Method-2: Turn the Paragraph Block into Heading Block

We can also do this by messing with the blocks. For this method, click on the paragraph block and hit the paragraph icon from the toolbar.

Then click on the heading option. The text will be turned into the H2 heading by default.

To change the subheading, click on H2 and choose a heading. 

Method-3: Use the Header Block

You can also click on the plus (+) icon between the blocks, then search for heading, and click on the heading block.

It will look something like this-

Then type in the text you want. Now click on H2 and choose the heading type.

That’s pretty much it. Follow whatever method that makes you say, “This is the way”. All of these work perfectly. Just don’t hit the H1 when you are adding a subheading, it is basically the title of your post. Use H2-H6.


Subheadings are like your content’s best friends as they organize, guide, and elevate your posts at the same time. So go ahead and start adding some to your post. As you can see, it’s not that hard.

Hope this helped, thank you.

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