How To Add Bullet Points & Numbered Lists In WordPress

These days, everyone wants content that is easy to read. Most people don’t really have enough time to read through the whole content. So, if these people don’t get a quick synopsis at a glance, they are most likely to lose interest in the entire thing. 

When you are creating content, you have to plan wisely. In that case, adding bullet points and numbered lists to your content can be a handy trick. This way you can categorize your content to make sure it is easy to scan by your website audience, as well as the search engines.

Instead of striking your visitors with a wall of text, divide it into scannable pieces. Suppose you are sharing step-by-step instructions with your visitors, or simply want to highlight something, you can go for bullet points or a numbered list without any second thoughts.

Let’s look at how we can add bullet points and numbered lists to WordPress now. This how-to tutorial will be divided into two parts,

    • Add Bullet Points & Numbered Lists
    • Add Advanced & Stylish Bullet Points

    Enough intro for today, let’s go right in.

    How To Add Bullet Points & Numbered Lists In WordPress

    Using the built-in List block in the WordPress block editor is the easiest way to add bullet points and numbered lists. First, go to the page or post where you want to add bullet points or a numbered list. 

    Type in /list and add the list block.

    Or click the (+) icon then search for ‘list’ and add the List block.

    Once the block is added, enter your list item.

    The list is in bullet point format by default. If you want to show the numbered list, click on the ‘Convert to ordered list’.

    With the List block, you can make the list into ordered and unordered lists, indent or outdent items, add hyperlinks, add bold and italic effects, and many more things. You can also customize the typography as you like in the right-hand side panel.

    How To Add Advanced & Stylish Bullet Points In WordPress

    Now if you want to add more advanced bullet points, you will be needing a plugin for that. I will suggest that you use Ultimate Blocks for that. It has a dedicated bock, ‘Styled List’ that lets you add advanced and stylish bullet points.

    We will start by going to the WordPress Dashboard. Then go to Plugins and then Add New. Search for Ultimate Blocks, install, and then activate it once found.

    Go to the post editor, then click on the (+) icon to add a new block. Type in Styled List on the search bar and select it to insert the block. 

    You can also add the block by typing /styled list.

    You can choose any icon for your styled list from the block options on the right-hand panel. You can customize icon color, icon size, and item spacing as you want, and also add additional CSS properties to your list. 

    That’s all you need to know about adding bullet points and numbered lists. I tried to cover both ways, using a plugin and the WordPress block editor. 


    If you are into creating interesting content, you know that presentation is the key. Bullet points and numbered lists are a writer’s best friend when it comes to structuring information simply and precisely. 

    I’m assuming you paid extra attention to both parts of this step-by-step how-to tutorial; if so, you must have figured it out by now. Start adding some bullet points and numbered lists to your next WordPress posts, and you’ll see how the content evolves to become more interesting and engaging.

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