How to Change Menu Font Size In WordPress (Block Theme)

If you’ve been working on your own website for a while, you know that user experience always comes first, and it’s important that you can customize every element of your website to match up with your brand’s identity. And what better place to start than with your menu’s font size? 

The menu is basically a set of links placed at the top of each page of a website. The font size of your menu has a major effect on improving readability and giving a great user experience, and since it helps your visitors find their way to different parts of your site, it’s important that you focus on making it seem good and user-friendly. 

Customizing font sizes in block themes is now easier and more flexible than ever before. If you’re still confused about how to do that, let me walk you through it. Buckle up!

Changing The Menu Font Size In Block Themes

Changing the font size of the menu in a block theme is somewhat easier compared to a classic theme. We’re currently using the GroundWP theme, so let me just quickly show you how to do it in this.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard, then go straight to Appearance, then select Editor.

Step 2: Click on the header.

Step 3: Then go to Navigation (1), and click on the Styles tab (2). Then you just need to go to the Typography section to change your menu font size.

You can also customize the dimensions and other stuff if you want.

Now that you know how to do that, change the font size as you like, and don’t forget to click Save to save your changes. 


That’s all. By now, you should be able to adjust the font size of your menu in block themes on your own. I would suggest you look into other parts of customization, like color schemes and layout as well. 

Remember that the key to effective customization is finding a proper blend between looks and usability. Hope you found it useful, adios!

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