The Pros and Cons of Full Site Editing: Is It the Right Choice for Your WordPress Site?

Full Site Editing (FSE) is a key new feature in WordPress that allows users to make use of the Gutenberg block editor to create and alter any area of their website, from the header and footer to individual pages and articles. One can also design custom templates for their website that can be used across different pages and posts, making it simple to keep a consistent look and feel throughout the site.

It makes the process of developing and managing websites easier, especially for those who are a little inexperienced with web development or coding. Users can create the layout and design they want by simply dragging and dropping pieces, allowing for more flexible and intriguing content creation. FSE also introduces the concept of “site editing,” which allows users to update the header, footer, and other general sections of their site without having to edit every page separately.

Here are some things to consider if you’re still fenced about FSE. Ensure that your theme is FSE compatible. Design versatility, as it lets you create simple yet complex designs. Before getting into FSE, you need to assess your skill level too. FSE is currently only accessible in the most current version of WordPress; make sure your site is running the latest update.

Now if we look at a few examples, GroundWP is a WordPress theme designed to show the power of Full Site Editing (FSE), building and editing entire sites using the block editor – without writing a single line of code. It’s lightweight, and fast, which makes it a great option for both beginners and advanced users. You can build your site effortlessly and quickly with its simple interface and powerful features. So, if you’re on the hunt for a theme that fully embraces FSE and has unlimited customization options, give GroundWP a try and see what you can come up with!

The Pros, you might want to check out

Enhanced customization options

FSE gives users more flexibility over the aesthetic of their website. They can create custom layouts and designs that are fitted to their preferences, rather than depending on pre-made themes or templates.

As previously said, full site editing themes use blocks, so you can put them across your site to create a unique site designed solely for you. The theme.json file manages all of the site’s settings and styles. Previously, the theme customizer was in charge of site settings. Now the WordPress Site Editor controls all global styles and settings, plus gives users the liberty to add blocks throughout the theme.

The simplified theme development process

One of the best things about FSE is that it allows you to create and manage a website with literally zero coding knowledge. You can create one by just dragging and dropping blocks.

FSE is a really useful tool for all developers out there. It can save them time as they no longer have to write codes by hand and can use reusable templates throughout the site instead.  Also ensuring code efficiency which helps them enhance their workflow.

Improved performance and SEO

FSE can come in handy in optimizing a website’s code and structure. It helps improve website performance, streamline code, boost SEO, and greatly reduce development time.

FSE can heavily affect the page loading time. It can significantly reduce loading times by precisely optimizing code, reducing HTTP requests, and enhancing caching efficiency.

Global styles and design consistency

FSE allows for more centralized control over design elements. Custom block patterns and templates can be created for different portions of the website and then applied to specific pages or sections of the website.

It lets you create a uniform look and feel for your website, quickly and easily. Saves time and money and also allows you to build and maintain a strong brand identity.

Exploring Full Site Editing with GroundWP

GroundWP is specifically designed to demonstrate FSE’s capabilities. This block theme made it pretty easy to build quick, highly customizable, and easily accessible websites. With GroundWP, you can take full advantage of not just custom templates but also custom blocks. 

GroundWP makes full use of FSE to give you the best site-building experience possible. It will give you a nice and flexible set of building blocks, as well as support for third-party blocks, and will allow you to design a totally customized website that requires no coding.

And the cons

The learning curve for users

One of the drawbacks of FSE is that it brings a substantial shift in the way users interact with the site. Those who are used to the traditional approach of site building might need some time to get familiar with FSE and master some new skills.  So, adjusting can be a little bit difficult and time-consuming. 

The transition from the classic or Gutenberg editor can be a major hurdle for some users. Because it requires updating users’ themes and plugins to make them compatible with the new editing system. The users also need to invest some time to re-learn how to generate and edit content with FSE.

Compatibility concerns

Not all existing themes and plugins are FSE-compatible. There are a few themes and plugins that let you fully explore the FSE. You need to find the ones that do. And ensuring a seamless migration process can be an issue because of potential compatibility concerns, the learning curve associated with the new feature, customization issues, and the risk of data loss.

Limited availability of FSE-ready themes

The current state of the theme market, FSE-friendly-wise, is not that good. There are a few themes that are FSE-ready. And the number isn’t very big. Many existing WordPress themes don’t offer full site editing.

In this scenario, you’ll need to pick the right theme for specific requirements, which will allow you to explore all the depths of FSE. For instance, GroundWP. It is in fact intended specifically to work in the FSE way, with only block editors used for creation and modification. Whether you are a beginner or somewhat experienced in building websites, GroundWP will serve you just the right!

Potential instability and bugs

Since FSE is still in its early stages, there are some ongoing developments and improvements. You might run into a few bugs and glitches while working.

With each update, there will be fewer glitches and more bug fixes so you will need to keep an eye on the regular updates. And new features are constantly being added in each major update. For continuous stability of working with FSE, you need to check out the regular updates.

Factors to Consider Before Adopting Full Site Editing

Before fully adopting FSE, there are several factors you should consider, so that you don’t regret your decision later. In short–

Compatibility, as FSE requires a compatible WordPress theme and plugin. Before adopting FSE, thoroughly review your site’s needs and goals.

FSE is a relatively new technology that takes a certain amount of expertise to operate efficiently. It requires technical know-how and resources. Then there’s functionality; make sure the FSE tools you intend to use have the functionality you need.

You need to make sure that your website can withstand the extra strain that FSE might put on it. You also need to properly weigh all the pros and cons in the context of your site. You need to know what your site really needs.

Well on this note, there’s one thing I’d like you to know, GroundWP is one of the very few themes that support FSE fully.  It can be a good starting point for those wanting to use the FSE approach in WordPress. Its extensive set of customizable features, intuitive interface, and full support for FSE makes it a perfect option for quickly and easily creating visually appealing and highly functional websites.


FSE, like any new technology, has its own benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, FSE gives us more control and flexibility over the entire website design, saves us time and effort, and lets us build sites without using any third-party tools or coding. Full site editing, on the other hand, might be overwhelming and time-consuming for beginners, who may struggle to navigate the new interface and tools, and it might call for a higher learning curve than conventional page builders.

Whether full site editing is right for you will entirely depend on your specific needs and goals. If you want more control and flexibility over your website design, FSE may be worth exploring further. 

And, since there is a lot of potentials for FSE to be a game changer for the future of WordPress design and development because there will be more exciting stuff in the near future, you might want to get into it too.

And for getting started with FSE, GroundWP can be a good choice as it is pretty easy to work with. If not the easiest, it is surely one of the easiest-to-use themes available. With themes like GroundWP, you can learn the basics of FSE in no time. You should give it a go, I bet you will be amazed, to see the endless creative possibilities.

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