How to Convert a Post to a Page in WordPress

Since you are out here reading this piece, I guess you know by now that WordPress pretty much lets you do anything, whether it’s creating something new or changing stuff you’ve already made. For example, converting a post to a page. It’s very normal to accidentally create a post instead of a page. Most people actually make this mistake very often as it is easier to make a post.

Yes, you can always create a new page, copy all the content of the post, delete the post, re-create the URL, and publish the new page. But why go through all this extra hassle when you can just convert your post to a page? All you need is a simple plugin that will do the job for you.

Today we will cover A-Z of how to convert a post to a page in WordPress. Follow along and by the end of this mini tutorial, I’m sure you will be able to do it on your own. Let’s go right in.

How to Convert a Post to a Page in WordPress

Today we will be using the Post Type Switcher plugin to convert a post to a page. 

So first of all head over to WordPress Dashboard. Then we will go to Plugins and then Add New Plugin.

Now search for Post Type Switcher, once found, click on Install now, and then activate it.

Now go to the post that you want to convert to a page and edit the post in the right-hand side options panel. You will see a new option called Post Type.

Now click on the post link and select the page option. It will ask you if you want to change the post to a page. Then just click on OK.

That’s pretty much it, you’re done.


And there you have it. Even if you created a post instead of a page, now you can easily fix it by converting it. Not your headache anymore.

Hope this helped you with what you were searching for. Thanks. 

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