How to Add a Circle Progress Bar in WordPress

If you really think about it, most of the time people choose visual stuff over text. And circle progress bars are one of the coolest visual content features out there.  Maybe you’re tracking project milestones or simply showcasing skill levels, circle progress bars are a brilliant way to engage your visitors and add that extra oomph to your design.

You can try adding that to your WordPress posts/pages to level up your content-generating game a little. The circle progress bars will make the numbers speak for themselves.

Now if you’re wondering how to do it yourself, this post is going to show you just how. You will find a detailed tutorial on how to add a circle progress bar in WordPress in the next section, please follow along.

How to Add a Circle Progress Bar in WordPress

Today, we will add a circle progress bar with my personal favorite Ultimate Blocks. Let’s see what it can do for us.

First of all, go get the plugin. For that, we need to go to the WordPress Dashboard. Then we will go to Plugins and then Add New. Now search for Ultimate Blocks, click on install now, and then activate it.

Now go to the page or post where you will be adding a circle progress bar. Then, click the (+) sign, type in Progress Bar, and click to add the block to the editor.

Once added, you will see a horizontal progress bar by default. But since we are trying to add a circle progress bar, we will head over to the right-hand side panel. Clicking on the circle tab in the block styles section turns it into a circle progress bar.

You can also adjust the bar thickness, circle size, value, and bar color settings from there.

That’s all, you are good to go.

One more tip: if you want to place multiple bars side by side, try using the columns block.


If you have made it this far, I guess you can add a circle progress bar in your WordPress page/post by yourself now. As you can see, it doesn’t even take a full minute to get done, it’s that easy.

So go ahead and add that extra flair to your website to make it stand out from the rest. Hope this helped; thank you. 

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