7 Best WordPress Top Bar Notification Plugins (2023)

Top bar notifications are a simple and efficient approach for grabbing your website visitor’s attention by showing a message or announcement at the top of the screen. A top bar notification can be a terrific tool To make use of if you want to promote a sale, announce a new product, or simply provide a notification about the status of your website. 

With so many great WordPress plugins available, you could find yourself a little bit confused about which one to get for your website. luckily for you, we have done the research and rounded up a list of the very best plugins available out there. These plugins are easy to install and use, and they offer many options for modifying the look and feel of your notification bar. 

Whether you’re looking for a free or premium plugin, or need specific features, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about these top bar notification plugins and what they have to offer.


1. WP Notification Bar

WordPress Notification Bar by MyThemeShop is a user-friendly, lightweight, and highly configurable plugin that adds a visually appealing bar to the top of your website pages. You can use this plugin to build an unlimited number of notification bars, each with its own content, layout, and display options. You can prioritize them as well so that the most important one always appears on a given page.

You can also split-test your bars and see which one works the best. You can also keep track of your views and clicks. There are many bar types and layouts to pick from, including fixed or floating bars, bars with icons or buttons, and bars with countdown timers or social network links. Each bar’s color scheme, font size, text alignment, and motion effects can also be customized to match the branding and aesthetic of your website.

You can use WP Notification Bar Pro to display your most recent posts or posts similar to the one the user is now viewing. You can also arrange bars to appear or disappear on specified dates or times, or to stay visible for a set number of days. 

You will also get free forum assistance from MyThemeShop. There are two plans available for this plugin, free and premium. For a one-time price of $19, you will receive one year of premium features, support, and updates.

2. WPFront Notification Bar

WPFront Notification Bar is another great plugin option available out there. It can be used to display important messages, announcements, calls to action, and more. It is fully responsive, super easy to install and use, and provides a user-friendly interface for configuring the notification bar settings.

The color, content, and links displayed in the notification bar can all be easily customized. You can also specify whether the bar should appear on specific pages, articles, or categories, as well as the start and end dates for when the notification should show up.  You can even turn on the Sticky Bar option, which will keep the bar visible when the user scrolls down the page. And it has a free plan too. 

3. HashBar

Hashbar is another popular top bar notification plugin that lets you display news, a call to action, or a promotion on your site effortlessly. It is lightweight, fully responsive, and mobile-friendly, as well as compatible with all major browsers and perfectly integrated with your WordPress site.

The text, background, and button of the notification bar can all be customized easily. You can select from a variety of pre-built templates or use the drag-and-drop editor to create your own design. You can also add a Close button, show the bar based on scroll position, and hide it on mobile devices.  

It also allows you to schedule the appearance of the top bar, allowing you to show it exclusively at specified times or on specific pages of your website. You can also specify whether the bar appears after a given period or when a user scrolls down to a certain point on the page.

It has both free and premium plans, you can choose according to your needs. The paid plans start at $29/year. 

4. Notibar

Next up, we have Notibar on our list. Notibar lets you design a personalized notification bar that can include text, links, and even images. It is lightweight and mobile-friendly, so it ensures that your notifications will appear accurately on all devices.

Set a start and end date for the notification’s display and select from a range of colors and styles to complement the visual appeal of your website. You also have the option of setting the notification bar to close automatically or allowing visitors to do so themselves. It also lets you choose between absolute and fixed positioning, add a Dismiss button, and choose from a number of artistic presets.

With this plugin, you can build the notification bar on the back end and modify it using the WordPress Customizer. This allows you to see how your changes will look in real-time.

And on top of that, Notibar is completely free.

5. Easy Notification Bar

WPExplorer’s Easy Notification Bar is another good and easy-to-use plugin that lives up to its name. It is perfect for site owners who want to set up a simple notification bar at the top of their page with a message and a button. With Easy Notification Bar, you can easily develop and personalize your notification bars without any prior knowledge of coding. The plugin has a simple user interface that allows you to customize your notification bar’s color, background, font, text, and button. 

Well, it might lack all of the features you will get from other plugins, but it can still do the basic stuff like adding in your text, selecting a font size, adding a link, and changing the colors. You can display your notification bars on selected pages, posts, categories, or across your entire website. You can also customize the position, timing, and action of the notification bar according to your website’s style and audience. You can also make it stick to the top of the page along with a “close” button.

You can also use Google Analytics or other tracking tools to track the performance of your notification bars. Like Notibar, Easy Notification Bar also lets you make modifications to the notification bar and preview your changes in real-time in the WordPress Customizer. It’s also free, so if you’re on a tight budget, this could be a great option to start with.

6. FooBar  

FooBar by FooPlugins is yet another unique plugin for creating customizable and striking notification bars at the top of your website.  From displaying important data, announcements, calls to action, and promotional messaging, FooBar does it all,

You can quickly create a notification bar with lots of text types and personalize its appearance by selecting an appropriate color scheme, font style, size, and position. It is easy to use and very flexible. You can customize the duration, delay, and visual effects of the notification bar too. Using the scheduled notifications feature, you can also publish different messages at different times.

It also works well for mobile devices and allows you to display texts in multiple languages. This plugin supports emojis, is completely SEO friendly, and is available in both free and paid versions.

7. Top Bar

Our last pick is Top Bar from WP Darko. It’s basic, yet this plugin lets you display important details to your visitors, such as announcements, specials, or notifications. The top bar can be used to direct users to specific pages on your website, promote a deal, or encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Apart from many pre-designed templates, it also provides a powerful drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create your own custom designs. You can alter the color, font, and size of your top bar, as well as add images, icons, and links. The plugin is fully responsive and works perfectly on mobile devices.

It includes features such as the ability to target specific pages, articles, or user roles. You may also customize your top bar to appear at particular times or to remain active until the user closes it. A sticky Bar function is also available for displaying a notification bar at all times, even after a user has scrolled down the page.

It has both free and premium plans. For a single site, the premium plan costs $16/year, and for unlimited sites, the pricing is $39/year. Even if you shift from the free to the pro plan, you will face no data loss from Free to PRO.


Including a top bar notification on your WordPress website will surely help you grab your visitors’ attention and boost engagement. There is a plugin out there for you, whether you want one that allows you to make visually appealing and flexible notifications or one that provides strong targeting options and analytics. 

All of the plugins listed above offer a variety of customization choices and features to meet up your requirements. So, give one of these plugins a shot, keep your visitors up to date, and take your customer engagement game to the next level.

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