How to Make a Menu Item Non-Clickable in WordPress

When you are creating a website you have to make sure that people can find their way around easily. And if you have a website with lots of stuff going on, you will need a good mega menu. 

When you add menu items in WordPress, they usually come up as links automatically. But you don’t always need an actual link for certain items, I mean sometimes you may just want to create a subheading or add some extra info. Or maybe you are setting up a ‘coming soon’ page or a ‘shop’ section. That’s when you would make these menu items non-clickable.

Now if you have no idea how to make a menu item non-clickable, this little how-to will show you just that. It’s very easy, needs just a few clicks. See for yourself. Let’s go.

How to Make a Menu Item Non-Clickable in WordPress

First, we need to head over to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Editor from the Appearance menu. 

Then click on the Templates part and select the Header section.

Now click on the menu item that you want to be non-clickable. Then click on the URL icon from the toolbar. 

Then click on the Edit icon,

and put a hash (#) in the URL box. Then click on the Save button. 

And lastly, click on the Save button on the top right.

That’s it, the menu item is non-clickable now. It has nothing to do with new tabs anymore.


As you can see, it’s super easy, and barely takes a full minute.

Hope this helped with what you were looking for. Thanks for making it to the bottom of this piece.

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