How to Add Text & Image Side by Side in WordPress

Have you ever heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? I bet you have. Adding an image to your content makes it a hundred times better. But you know what would be even better? If you can create stunning layouts by bringing together images and text and showing them side by side. If you are showing before-and-after photos or showcasing product features, this can be quite useful.

Now if you are thinking about how to add text and images side by side to your WordPress site, this tutorial will totally help. Today, I’ll show you two different methods for doing so, as well as break down both processes in a very easy way. 

So let’s just jump right into it, it’s gonna be fun.

How to Add Text & Images Side by Side in WordPress

We have two options; we will start with the easier one. 

Method-1: With The Media & Text Block

Gutenberg block editor lets you create the perfect layout by adding text and images side by side with the built-in Media & Text block. This block has a two-column layout.

So first, we will go to the WordPress editor. Then click the (+) plus icon and search for ‘media and text’. Then click on it to insert the block. 

Now click the Upload button to add the image from your computer, or go to the media library to add an image. 

Once the image is added, add the text in the Content… part. Now it will look something like this-

By default, the image is positioned to the left, and the text area is positioned to the right. If you want to swap the places for the image and text, click on the ‘Show media on right’ icon from the toolbar.

For further customization, head over to the right-hand side panel.

That’s it.

Method-2: With The Columns Block

If you are trying out the second method, go to the post where you want to add the text and image side by side. Click on the (+) plus sign. Now search for columns and click on it to insert the Columns block. 

Once inserted, choose a variation. You will get many variations to choose from, if you want to split the space half-n-half between the text and the image, go for the 50/50 variation.

Here we will add the text on the first block and the image on the second block. Click on the (+) plus sign of the first block and add the Paragraph block. Then just add your text there.

Click on the (+) plus sign of the second block and add the Image block, Then click on the Upload button and upload the image from your computer. 

And you are done. It should look something like this-


Yes, images do speak for themselves. But sometimes you have to add some text alongside just for the sake of context. Adding your text and images side by side will create the perfect visual magic.

And as you can see, this was not so hard. I’m sure, you know how to add text and image side by side in WordPress on your own by now. Try any of these approaches above, see what works better for you, and start making some visually stunning content.

Hope this helped. Thank you.

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