How to Show and Hide Text in WordPress Posts/Pages

As a content creator or website owner, you’ve definitely faced the problem of providing tons of information without overwhelming your audience with it. You might want to show some stuff and hide some. Then your readers have the liberty of choosing whether or not to view the content.

You can hide a huge chunk of your content under the ‘Show more’ text. When a user clicks on the link, they get access to the hidden stuff. It saves space while keeping users interested in the post/page. And this way, you’ll be able to pack in a lot of information in a single post/page without making it too long.

There are some really amazing plugins available that will allow you to easily add that kind of ‘show and hide’ content to your post. Here we’ll talk about one of them, Ultimate Blocks, and how to use it properly in this situation. Ultimate Blocks has two different blocks for creating this type of content, and we’ll go over both.

How to Show and Hide Text in WordPress Posts/Pages

Step 1: Install the Ultimate Blocks Plugin

First of all, go get the plugin. To install the Ultimate Blocks Plugin, go to the WordPress dashboard, then click on Plugins (1), then Add New (2), and then type Ultimate Blocks in the search bar (3), and hit enter. Then just click on the install (4) button and activate the plugin.

Step 2: Insert the Expand Block

Go to the post/page where you want to add your ‘show and hide’ content. Then, to add a new block, click the (+) icon. Find and select the ‘Expand’ block and drag it into the editor. 

Step 3: Add Shown & Hidden Text

To add the visible content, click the first (+) icon, and to add the hidden content, click the second (+) icon.

After clicking the first (+) icon, click ‘Paragraph’ to add the visible content.

Then just type in the text that you want viewers to see.

Do the same with the hidden text.

That’s pretty much it.

Using the Toggle Effect to Show and Hide Text in WordPress

You can also use the ‘Content Toggle’ block by Ultimate Blocks to show or hide your content. Click the (+) icon to add a new block to the post. Then look for the ‘Content Toggle’ block. You can insert the block into your post by clicking on it.

After you have inserted it, fill in the ‘Panel Title’ box with the title and your main content under it. You can expand the section by clicking the (+) icon if you like.

You can customize things like toggle state, FAQ schema, and more once you’ve inserted all of the content elements.


I guess the tutorial was useful in adding show and hide text to your WordPress posts/pages. Using this feature will definitely better your website’s readability and overall look, and also help readers in browsing through lengthy content or viewing different sections of your site.

Make sure your content and elements are tuned for fast loading and seamless interactions.

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