9 Best Question & Answer WordPress Themes (2023) 

With its versatility and intuitive interface, WordPress has become a popular choice for many website designers. With the right theme, you can turn your WordPress site into an interactive place where visitors can ask questions, get answers, and participate in substantial debates. These Q&A themes have a variety of features meant to improve user experience, manage content properly, and boost community participation.

Having the right theme can significantly boost the user experience and make your website stand out whether you’re running a knowledge-sharing platform, an online community, or a support forum. We’ve compiled some of the finest Q&A WordPress themes to help you create an engaging platform that encourages knowledge exchange and collaboration.

So, if you’ve decided to take your WordPress site to the next level and create an engaging arena where questions find answers and ideas grow, join us as we explore the finest Question & Answer WordPress themes.


1. Discy

Discy is a user-friendly Q&A theme by 2code Themes with a sleek and modern aesthetic that builds interaction and knowledge-sharing among users. It comes with an extensive set of features that make it easy to develop an engaging Q&A platform.

Users can ask questions, get answers, and join in debates on lots of topics thanks to the theme’s seamless experience. At the same time, it offers a variety of niches, like educational platforms, support forums, professional networks, and more.

Discy has a simple yet functional question submission method. Users can easily share their questions, add related tags, and categorize them for optimum visibility and organization. The theme includes a voting system, which allows users to upvote or downvote questions and answers depending on their relevance and quality. This feature increases user engagement and guarantees that the most useful and important stuff is at the top.

It has an extensive user profile system. Users can personalize their profiles by adding profile images and highlighting their expertise and accomplishments. You can earn points, badges, and rankings based on your community engagement and contributions.

Discy has plenty of customization options and is totally responsive and mobile-friendly. It easily connects with most social media platforms, allowing users to share questions and answers on their social profiles. The theme includes a real-time notification system to keep users up to date on new answers, comments, and discussions related to their queries.

2. Ask Me

Ask Me is a feature-rich and multipurpose Q&A theme that provides an easy-to-use platform for users to ask questions, find answers, and participate in discussions. Its responsive layout makes sure that your website looks great and functions smoothly across multiple devices. The theme allows users to interact in a variety of ways, including voting on responses, marking questions as resolved, and flagging inappropriate content.

It has numerous customization options, allowing you to customize the look and functionality of your website. You can quickly change colors, fonts, layouts, and more with its rich theme settings panel, which requires zero coding skills. It also connects with major social networking platforms, allowing users to post questions and answers with their networks. Also, the theme supports advertisement placements, allowing you to monetize your website by showing ads from third-party sites.

It also works well with popular WordPress plugins to fulfill your specific requirements, whether you want to add extra safety features, boost SEO, or integrate email marketing tools.

3. Lore

Lore by LSVRthemes is yet another well-designed and feature-rich theme with a user-friendly layout that ensures an efficient browsing experience for both administrators and visitors. One of the theme’s key features is its extensive question-and-answer system, which creates a dynamic and engaging platform where users can easily seek and share knowledge. It has a simple layout that enables fast navigation and quick access to information.

It has many customization options, including templates for the homepage, question lists, and individual question pages. It also has extensive color and typeface choices, giving you complete control over your website’s aesthetic.

It is fully responsive, providing a stellar user experience and reaching a larger audience. It also includes an efficient search tool that allows users to rapidly find relevant questions and answers and connects seamlessly with social media networks.

Lore offers a wide range of tools and options. It has a user-friendly backend interface where you can manage questions, answers, user profiles, and other settings, also has multiple user roles that allow you to provide varying levels of permissions and access to different users.

4. Scisco

Up next, we have Scisco, packed with effective functionalities and customization options, making it a great choice to create a growing online community. Users can easily ask questions, submit answers, and vote on the best ones, resulting in a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

It has a responsive design that works well on every kind of device and screen size. It comes with several pre-designed templates and layouts. You can also quickly change the colors, fonts, and other graphic elements as per your taste.

It includes a strong search tool that allows users to easily find relevant questions and answers. It also has a notification system to keep users up to date on new reactions, comments, and community events. The theme also supports user profiles, badges, and reputation systems, which promote user interaction.

You will also be able to monetize your website via advertising banners, sponsored content, or even premium membership plans. The theme is compatible with most WordPress plugins, enabling seamless connection with third-party tools for extended functionality. Scisco could be a great choice if you want to create a niche-specific Q&A site.

5. QAEngine

Then there’s QAEngine, developed by EngineThemes. It offers an extensive forum for users to submit questions, get answers, and engage in knowledge-sharing debates. Its visually appealing interface encourages active interaction and increases user engagement. 

It contains a strong question-and-answer management system allowing users to submit questions, attach proper tags, and select categories, making it easy to organize and access the content. Visitors can also use keywords, tags, or categories to search for specific topics, ensuring quick access to the information they need. QAEngine prioritizes user engagement. Users can upvote or downvote answers here, resulting in the surfacing of the most useful responses. The integrated notification system alerts users about new replies, comments, and activities. 

It is very customizable; with a large number of pre-designed templates, color schemes, and layout options, users can build a unique and personalized experience. The theme also supports multilingual features, making it available to a global audience.

Along with user-centric features, QAEngine provides rich administrative tools for site owners. The theme has advanced analytics and reporting features that provide statistics on user activity, popular topics, and engagement data. Site administrators can easily monitor content, manage user roles, and alter platform settings to create a safe and controlled environment.

6. Instant Q&A

Instant Q&A is a sleek and feature-rich Q&A theme that provides a user-friendly base for creating interactive online communities, and support forums. Its responsive design ensures an even user experience across devices and screen sizes. It’s pretty easy to browse, and its flexible layout options allow site owners to customize the appearance based on their branding and tastes.

The theme has an exclusive question submission form, allowing visitors to simply submit questions, seek suggestions, or request assistance. Each question can be categorized, tagged, and sorted for easy organization and retrieval. Users can also answer questions, comment on others’ answers, and participate in debates.

Its powerful moderation features allow administrators to accurately monitor user-generated content. Site owners can regulate questions, answers, and comments to ensure the quality and relevance of the information. it also supports user profiles, reputation systems, and voting procedures.

It smoothly integrates with many WordPress plugins, providing more functionality and customization options. It’s translation-ready and provides the tools and flexibility required to develop a successful Q&A site, whether for instructional purposes, technical support, or general discussions.

7. Himer

Lastly, another 2Code Themes theme, Himer, makes its way to our handpicked list. This theme, built with advanced web tech, provides a streamlined and user-friendly experience for both administrators and visitors. it provides a pleasing interface that attracts users’ attention and encourages participation. The theme is fully responsive and adjusts to different screen sizes perfectly, giving a great browsing experience across all devices.

Himer allows users to easily ask questions, give answers, and join in discussions. Users can simply post questions and get replies from the community because of the user-friendly question submission form. Visitors can vote up or down on questions and answers, promoting the finest stuff and assisting users in finding reliable information.

It has an effective search engine that allows users to quickly access relevant queries and answers based on keywords or categories. It also has powerful sorting and filtering capabilities, allowing users to organize content based on popularity, recency, or other criteria.

It offers a powerful user management system with user registration, login, and profile customization features. Users can manage their notifications and subscriptions, as well as track their actions and check their submitted questions and answers. 

Admins can personalize the site’s layout, manage user access, filter material, and use powerful analytics tools to get insight into user activity and site performance. Furthermore, Himer allows website owners to generate cash through a wide range of channels such as ads or premium membership subscriptions.


Choosing a good question-and-answer theme for your website is important for creating a dynamic and engaging platform for your users. When selecting the right theme for your needs, keep customization options, responsiveness, user experience, and support in mind. Each of the themes listed in this blog has its own set of features and creative elements that suit multiple kinds of question-and-answer websites.

Whether you want a clean and minimalistic design, advanced search functionality, or connection to popular plugins, this list has a theme for you. Explore their demos and read user reviews for a better understanding of each theme’s features.

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